The most exquisite Celebration Destination

Ring the wedding bells amidst a royal experience.

The pearl town, Ahmedabad is all set to witness the most eagerly awaited and highly anticipated launch of the finest wedding destination ever, The FORUM - Unconventional, Unbelievable.

Kadupul Flower

This beautiful white-yellow colored rare flower comes from Sri Lanka, where it is called Kadupul Mal or Flower from the Heaven. In India it is called Brahma Kamalam, named after the Hindu god of creation, Lord Brahma. It is also believed that the wishes of People who pray to God while the flower is blooming will be fulfilled. The flower has a rich history in Japan, where it is known as the Gekka Bijin or “Beauty under the Moon”.

The flower starts blooming between 10 pm to 11 pm and continues to bloom for about two hours. Soon after its full bloom the flower starts to fade and completely wilts before the dawn.

This floral specie is so expensive; it bares no price tag in contrast to other beautiful flowers.

Facilities & Amenities

Dream Weddings

The Forum flourishes over 2,00,000 square feet with an accommodating capacity of up to 5000 guests.It is a one stop exclusive destination catering to various lifetime experiences of mehendi, sangeet, wedding, reception as well as other social celebrations like birthdays, engagements and anniversaries.The Forum has international standard infrastructure with in-house car parking for upto 1500 vehicles to hold large scale events, first of its kind in the state of Gujarat.

For celebrity shows, special cultural performances and all enthralling moments to be staged for the wedding invitees, The Forum harbours an exclusive world class auditorium with an ability to host over 700 guests. Encompassing all this with, The Forum extends itself to an all 160 - all suite hotel wherein we continue to enthral the guest through our exceptional service.

The Forum offers the dream weddings of any size-theme decorations with a wide choice of delectable Indian and international cuisines, all wrapped in rich finesse with traditional warmth.


Richness claded divinely elegant mystical beauties, hailing from the Tropical American lands, Anthuriums range in all shades from red to white to pink. They are perfect personifications of elegant floral presence and ambient awe.

They are also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower or the Tail Flower. Anthuriums are thick in structure and have a waxy feel as far as their texture is concerned. The colors of the Anthuriums can range from different shades of red and white to pink. This flower has a heart shape at its base and a long stem that develops from between the base upwards. It comes in a wide variety such as flowering, velvet leafed, palmate leafed, pendulous etc.

Celebration comes alive in all sizes at The Forum!

Celebrations are more than just occasions.They are a reason to escape the mundane.The finesse of cherishing rich moments.With banquets ranging from 1000 sq.ft. to 75000 sq.ft. The Forum ensures a guaranteed customized experience for all your celebrations.

Book your occasion with the magnificence of The Forum.

Birds of Paradise

Embarking a visual stark that allows for premium spiky looks and chromatic brilliance, The Birds of Paradise are a unique asset adorning the royal spaces and heritage excellence since ages. These leafy florals not only visually charm the viewers but also create an artistic elemental existence wherever they go.

The main characteristic of these exotic flowers is their unusual and beautiful shape. These are native to South Africa and are also known as Crane Flowers. These flowers usually bloom from September to May and are most usually orange in color. Along with being a flower, the name 'Birds of Paradise' is also shared by an attractive landscape plant. These flowers derive their name because of their unique shape - these flower resemble a brightly-colored bird in flight.

Let's tie the knot!

The ethereal Dream Wedding experiences are definitely made in The Forum.It takes tremendous amount of experience, the right sense of timing, the right taste of approach and the perfect ambient setting to get your dream wedding managed the way you envision.The Forum understands this criticality of dream wedding celebrations and social occasions for you and that's precisely why we have erected a marvel that addresses, comforts and uncompromisingly enhances your matrimonial celebrations to a whole new level.

Having flexible and customizable experience options, we have a different/unique concept for each dream wedding at The Forum.No matter how specific or unique your dream wedding concepts are, our team shall make it happen every time and exceed your expectations by few notches up always.

Calla Lily

Wrapped into spiritual elegance and adorned with the absolute simple yet enchanting look, the Calla Lilies are a visual calm that transcend anyone into a world of solace and bless the souls with a divine connection.

This is a large and flaring flower that has a trumpet-shaped bract and comes in a variety of colors. Calla lilies are native to South Africa and are also known as the Arum Lily or the Trumpet Lily. The name of this flower comes from a Greek word, which means beautiful. These bloom during the late spring season.

The experience of an Imperial scale

Imperia …

Achieving the architectural brilliance of Imperial times with its enigmatic gold -drenching finesse , The Imperia ,Imperia Lounge & Imperia Stand bring out the enriching experience of Corporate Occasions ,Celebrations & Memories.

Imperia Lounge …

Imperia Lounge provides a fulfilling experience of exquisitely designed pre-function area for guest and attendees can offer them a place for relishing Engagement.

Imperia Stand…

Imperia Stand is an outstanding performance Podium Gala enough to raise the celestial awe in every attendee for the entertaining acts to be performed on the fully-equipped and functional stage and get the show to rock the stage and its audiences

  • State -of -the -art acoustics.
  • Strategic Architecture to support maximized attendees.
  • Brilliant support and functionally systems.
  • Enhanced security and admission control parameters.
  • Fully equipped service staff to ensure flawless experiences
Gallery Layout Plans


The eccentric floral white furling petals bestowed with a rich soothe of milky appearance, the Gardenias form the excellent contrasting and highlighting flowers in the serene visualizations of ambient spaces. Tender and timeless as they are, they allow for a wide range of combinations and complementary ranges on the vivid floral spectrum.

The Gardenia flowers are usually white or pale yellow in color. These flowers are native to the tropical and the subtropical regions of Southern Asia, Africa, and Australia. One of the most popular types amongst the different types of exotic flowers, these are extremely fragrant and beautiful in their appearance. This flower has been named after Alexander Garden, who was a Scottish physician, botanist, and zoologist.

The Confluence

Small, Middle and Large sized Banquets suitable for any Occasions…

Drenched in its on opulent influence ,The Confluence offers an opulent mix of a Pre-function and celebration Banquets. The stylishly elegant décor and premium spaciousness allows for your corporate events to witness an intensified experience every single time.

The Confluence provides flexible Conference & Board Rooms setup to accommodate from 10 to 700 guests for Trainings ,Seminars and Conferences along with state of "The Art of Audio Visual Equipments".

  • Ecstatic Construct
  • Spacious Architecture with no visual hindrance
  • Brilliant support and functionality systems
  • Enhanced security and admission control parameters
Gallery Layout Plans


With the sharp and extremely contrasting colours so unbelievably coherent; Heliconia almost appears like an ecstatic beauty with alien origins. The colour range and elegant variants from these flowers radiate life and exuberance.

The Heliconia flowers are also known as the Lobster Claw or the False Bird of Paradise. They are native to tropical America, West Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean Islands. Their distinctive feature is their beautiful and brightly-colored flowering bracts. At times these bracts can be so large that they tend to hide the visibility of flowers. These are also grown as landscape plants and they grow to a height of 3-30 feet. These types of flowers have been named after Mount Helicon.

The Capitol

For all your Grand Corporate Celebrations

Aptly named, The Capitol is the CROWN of all precious options we offer at The Forum ,with an aesthetically done Gold themed Lounge and the dreamscape creating an enchanting never before experience.

The sparkling Gold droplets dangling from the ceilings create a magical awe while the shining prismatic walls of "The Capitol Lounge" offers a never-ending reflective marvel to be cherished.

The Kaleidoscopic scenic brilliance of "The Capitol" is organise any Mega Annual Celebrations ,Shareholders Meet, National and International level Conferences as you may need to offers you a 40,000 sq.ft.of pure mystic visualization with stupendous lighting effects ready to steal the breath away upto 3,000 guests with sheer comforts.

  • Unmatched Construct & Design
  • Spacious Architecture with no visual hindrance
  • Brilliant support and functionally systems
  • Enhanced security and admission control parameters
  • Service staff to ensure flawless experiences
Gallery Layout Plans


What would a dreamscape of flowers look like? Almost as if God personally ensured an artistic finesse in them, Orchids are nature's most stunning and precious floral jewellery in colours and shades beyond the visible spectrum. Mystical as they look, Orchids have consistently been the most exclusive and premium of floral choices across the world.

Orchids are also one of the most sought after and a rather expensive category of exotic flowers all over the world. These are available in three main categories. They are mostly grown in all the continents except Antarctica. The colors of the Orchids depends upon their types the African Orchids are white, whereas the Asian Orchids are multi-colored.

Stay Grand.
Celebrate Grandeur.

Layering the wedding celebrations and social experiences with the icing of unmatched comfort and class-apart luxury in your stay, Grand O7 Suites and Convention offers a unmatched 5 Star luxury experience with a range of rooms and suites:

Deluxe Rooms
Executive Suites
Grand Suites

Deluxe Room is an exquisitely detailed 36 sq. metre option with elegant features, modern design and teak floors, oversized mirrors and floor-to-ceiling windows so that you may enjoy a plush bed, work desk with high-speed internet and rain shower.

Executive Suite is a spoiling luxury experience spread over 76-sq.-metre bedroom setup with a spacious living area, desk with high-speed internet access, rain shower and a plush king bed to plunge into. Grand Suite is an infinity escape into luxurious 114-sq.-metre pampering stay with living area, 2 bedrooms, desk with high-speed internet access, rain shower and bedroom with plush king & queen beds to rejuvenate your from even the most tiring of programs

Know More

Oriental Lily

Oriental lilies appear in a wide array of colors that include pink, white, orange, yellow, and red. While many species have a single color, others might produce flowers with a base color and a secondary color in specks.

These flowers bloom naturally in the time period from May till September and are exclusively grown in the Netherlands, Northwestern United States, and New Zealand. The flowers may be borne erect, drooping, or horizontal, and could also be funnel-shaped.

Gym & Pool

Where activity seeks newer heights!

Work and play perfectly blend into The Forum with Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, along with an indoor temperature controlled pool and fully equipped YOS Gym. This means you won't have to skip your routines and aqua-dives because of your wedding events.

For the sportsman in you, spend time with options like Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Billiards Room and Tennis court.


The flowering gingers are a species of ginger that produce a brilliant, bright, red-hued flower that is used mainly for decorative purposes. This species is different from the edible ginger that is used in cooking, though there are certain parts of the flower that are edible and are made use of in certain exotic dishes. The ginger flower is also known as red ginger lily, wild ginger, torch lily, torch ginger, and wild ginger.

The plant is native to the Indo-Malaysia belt and the flowers are used in several occasions and celebration, ranging from headgears to garlands.


A celebration on lush green lawns...
Choice is yours - under the moon & stars or The clear blue skies!

The Lawn is the perfect setting for your dream wedding destination in Ahmedabad. Set in beautiful, manicured gardens and surrounded by stunning private parkland, the entire venue is exclusively yours on your special day.

  • 77472 sq. ft. lush green party plot
  • Ideal location for all events
  • Entry from main road


What more could be said in the praise of this marvel, than the fact that this is the very flower Goddess Laxmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity is based on. The timelessness and humble origin of this wonder makes it a unique adornment to any waterbody indoors or outdoors. Its unmatched floral brilliance is complimented further by the humongous diameter of its petal spread.

The lotus flower is found in shades of bright to pale white, yellow, and pink. It is the National Flower of India. The plant requires plenty of sunlight to thrive, which is why the flowers do not blossom during the winter months. These flowers are native to Asia and Australia.

The culinary finesse!

Let the taste tickle your buds

In Gujarat, they say, any occasion can only get as good as the food ! Well, we couldn’t have taken food any more seriously.

The Forum offers an unmatched culinary finesse with the in-house catering team consisting of some of industry’s best culinary experts who are geared -up to handle all your Exhaustive culinary demands.

The state-of-the-taste kitchens ensure absolute no compromise quality and hygiene standards.

  • FSSAI Compliant
  • Multi-cuisine Food Options
  • State-of-the-taste Kitchens with state modern equipments
  • Global Quality and Hygiene Standards
  • Live cooking Stations (first of its kind in the state)
  • Ability to serve over 5000 individuals
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